Developing an Android Tablet User Interface for the World’s First Soft-Tissue Dental Laser

Millennium Dental Technologies, the first company to receive FDA approval for a periodontal laser used in place of a scalpel to remove diseased gum tissue, needed to upgrade their technology to improve performance and ease usability.

Enginasion was challenged with updating the existing system by developing a replacement control board. This system redesign is:

  • A modernized upgrade without compromising performance
  • Cost-effective and reduces downtime

Read this case study to see how Enginasion developed a high resolution Android tablet user interface for Millennium Dental’s periodontal laser that:

  • Improves the physician’s experience
  • Provides an additional network and data logging capabilities

Find out how we engineered design improvements without compromising performance, while minimizing upgrade costs and downtime.

Download it now to learn more.