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    The Evolution of RFID Technology

    Posted by David Bonneau on 06/04/19

    Making Toll Roads Tolerable!

    We move fast in life these days. Instant messaging, microwave dinners, chatbot interactions for quick answers. But we aren’t any match for the speed of technology—both in its advancement and in its ability to process data. We are, however, adept at building the advancements so they can attain such fast processing capabilities, and in turn, help us live with more conveniences and information just a lighting-speed click away. 

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    Topics: IoT Engineering, Creative Solutions, engineering design, RFID Engineering

    Principles of Interface Design for Embedded Systems, Industrial Controls, and Medical Device Technology

    Posted by David Bonneau on 05/31/18

    Understanding the Process When Engineering New, User-Friendly Designs

    Staples has the “Easy” button, which ironically, does nothing. Though I guess you could say, it makes doing nothing pretty easy. And who doesn’t welcome solutions that come as easily and simply as pushing a button?

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    Topics: Troubleshooting Technology, Medical Device Technology, Creative Solutions, engineering design, Interface Design

    Fighting the Opioid Crisis with Medical Device Technology

    Posted by David Bonneau on 01/26/18

    An Inside Look: Controlling Abuse by Monitoring Use 

    Short-term pain management, sadly, can lead to long-term, devastating consequences if it isn’t monitored. The opioid crisis currently gripping the country bears witness to this. The journey to addiction can be a slow, quiet one—even with the best intentions to avoid it. But what if it could be monitored? Not by someone’s parents, or spouse, or friends, but by the opioid itself—at least, in part.

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    Topics: Medical Device Technology, engineering design


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