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    Rethinking Creative Solutions for Medical Device Technology

    Posted by David Bonneau on 01/02/18

    The Hollywood version of operating rooms is full of beeping, blinking monitors and medical devices that look like something out of a (more recent) Star Trek movie. Futuristic, sleek, mind-bendingly fast, and informative—almost too much so. And while some virtual arrays and hologram “touch” screens seem beyond our current paradigm grasp, they either already exist in some form or are closer to large-scale reality than you think.

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    Topics: 3D Printing, Troubleshooting Technology, Medical Device Technology, Creative Solutions

    The smog-eating, three-mile-high skyscraper of the future

    Posted by Lynette Rambo on 01/18/17

    While the race to build the world's tallest building is ongoing, Arconic, a spin-off company of Alcoa, is pushing the boundaries with their new conceptual skyscraper. For the materials science company, the skyscraper of the future is 3 miles high, eats smog, and is built partially with 3D-printed materials.

    The Jetsons with a Makeover

    Arconic envisions a world like the Jetsons — the Space Age cartoon family from 2062 — but with a scientific makeover. In this reimagined world, Arconic's engineers and scientists are inventing the future of air travel, cars, space exploration, and cityscapes.

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    Topics: 3D Printing


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