Engineering Technological Solutions for Feeding the World

    Posted by David Bonneau on 04/13/18

    The Mass Appeal of 3D-Printed Food Is No Joke!

    A scientist, farmer, and entrepreneur walk into a bar together and enjoy a 3D-printed pizza. And finish it up with nutritious, milled-mealworm shortbread cookies—also 3D printed. Wait, that’s not a joke! It may not sound all that appetizing, but in efforts to figure out how to feed the world’s ever-increasing population, dedicated stakeholders are working on sustainable measures to keep food on the table. As we know, necessity = invention. 

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    Topics: High-Speed Count Verification Systems, IoT Engineering, Troubleshooting Technology, Medical Device Technology, Creative Solutions

    Flexible Electronics Create Medical Device Technology Breakthrough

    Posted by David Bonneau on 03/07/18

    Advanced Engineering Collaboration with Clinical Medicine Transforms Rehabilitation

    We’re all navigating in an attention economy where speed is the currency and information gathering and retention are the Holy Grail. It drives how we do business and impacts our personal lives. And it’s never more personal than when gathering health data. I recently read about this remarkable advancement in medical device technology, inspired by nature’s protective mechanism—skin—to, in a sense, get under ours. 

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    Topics: IoT Engineering, Medical Device Technology

    Fighting the Opioid Crisis with Medical Device Technology

    Posted by David Bonneau on 01/26/18

    An Inside Look: Controlling Abuse by Monitoring Use 

    Short-term pain management, sadly, can lead to long-term, devastating consequences if it isn’t monitored. The opioid crisis currently gripping the country bears witness to this. The journey to addiction can be a slow, quiet one—even with the best intentions to avoid it. But what if it could be monitored? Not by someone’s parents, or spouse, or friends, but by the opioid itself—at least, in part.

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    Topics: Medical Device Technology, engineering design

    Rethinking Creative Solutions for Medical Device Technology

    Posted by David Bonneau on 01/02/18

    The Hollywood version of operating rooms is full of beeping, blinking monitors and medical devices that look like something out of a (more recent) Star Trek movie. Futuristic, sleek, mind-bendingly fast, and informative—almost too much so. And while some virtual arrays and hologram “touch” screens seem beyond our current paradigm grasp, they either already exist in some form or are closer to large-scale reality than you think.

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    Topics: 3D Printing, Troubleshooting Technology, Medical Device Technology, Creative Solutions

    11 Points of the Politics of Innovation for Engineering Design

    Posted by David Bonneau on 11/10/17

    Know What to Ask to Keep Your Project on Task

    In my last blog, I spoke about troubleshooting and brainstorming when in the discovery phase of engineering design. I talked about finding the fastest path to failure and how effective it is in quickly eliminating—and discovering—what may or may not work, saving time, money, and resources. I posed some basic questioning strategies to apply during this process.

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    Topics: High-Speed Count Verification Systems, Count Verification Systems

    What to Ask in the Discovery Phase of the Engineering Design Process

    Posted by David Bonneau on 10/04/17

    Troubleshooting Technology: It’s Not What You Think

    The pace at which technology, innovation, and design morphs is staggering. There are plenty of intelligent people out there to create great change and discover the next best way to do something, anything … everything. What happens when you’ve invested time, money, and lots of human capital in bringing in a new system, and then another technology comes along and complements it while promising to increase its output, but is not as integrative as it should or could be?

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    Topics: High-Speed Count Verification Systems, Count Verification Systems, Discovery Phase Design Engineering Process, Troubleshooting Technology

    Is it Time to Upgrade Your High-Speed Count Verification System?

    Posted by David Bonneau on 06/25/17

    11 Questions to Ask to about High-Speed Counting Processors

    How do you know when it’s time to upgrade—or outright replace—your current high-speed count verification system? Clearly, your first concern when thinking of a count verification system is count accuracy. With the sheer numbers your system is responsible for counting, do you really know if it is accurate, or if it is struggling to maintain accuracy? And is this the only question you should be asking? No.
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    Topics: High-Speed Count Verification Systems, Upgrade or Replace Count Verification System, Count Verification Systems

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