BioPharma Case Study

Developing a 100% Accurate High-Speed Count Verification System

IMA North America, one of the world’s leading OEM packaging equipment manufacturers, relied on Enginasion for imagination, creativity, and an out-of-the-box approach to problem solve its precise tablet filling packaging system.

Enginasion was challenged with ensuring IMA’s high-speed system maintains 100% count accuracy while improving quality and consistency.

This system redesign is:

  • A simple, yet reliable technology that allows for scalability
  • Compatible with existing tooling, reducing retrofitting costs and downtime

Read this case study to see how Enginasion developed the TruCount® system—an advanced count verification system that:

  • Ensures 100% count accuracy
  • Provides built-in redundancies
  • Has easy set up
  • Maintains repeatability
  • Can be implemented across industries

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