Is it Time to Upgrade Your High-Speed Count Verification System?

    Posted by David Bonneau on 06/25/17

    11 Questions to Ask to about High-Speed Counting Processors

    How do you know when it’s time to upgrade—or outright replace—your current high-speed count verification system? Clearly, your first concern when thinking of a count verification system is count accuracy. With the sheer numbers your system is responsible for counting, do you really know if it is accurate, or if it is struggling to maintain accuracy? And is this the only question you should be asking? No.
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    Engineers Week Great Time to Mentor Young STEMs

    Posted by Lynette Rambo on 02/02/17

    National Engineers Week (EWeek) is an excellent time to talk to kids about engineering.

    EWeek this year is February 19-25, so you still have some time to think of ways to reach the kids in your community and get them excited about what you do.

    This year marks the 67th year of EWeek, which was started in 1951 by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE). In 1990, DiscoverE was launched as the first formal national call to engineer volunteers for engagement in K-12 education.

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    Is Mind Reading the Next Step in Social Sharing?

    Posted by David Bonneau on 01/23/17

    Brain-Computer Interface Engineer and Neural Imaging Engineer, Building 8

    These are actual job postings on Facebook's careers page. Building 8 was launched in April 2016 by former Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) chief and Google executive Regina Dugan. Dugan was hired to advance Zuckerberg's 10-year vision for the company, which includes major breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, and providing Internet access to all people around the world.

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    The smog-eating, three-mile-high skyscraper of the future

    Posted by Lynette Rambo on 01/18/17

    While the race to build the world's tallest building is ongoing, Arconic, a spin-off company of Alcoa, is pushing the boundaries with their new conceptual skyscraper. For the materials science company, the skyscraper of the future is 3 miles high, eats smog, and is built partially with 3D-printed materials.

    The Jetsons with a Makeover

    Arconic envisions a world like the Jetsons — the Space Age cartoon family from 2062 — but with a scientific makeover. In this reimagined world, Arconic's engineers and scientists are inventing the future of air travel, cars, space exploration, and cityscapes.

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    Nike's Self-lacing Sneakers Go Back to the Future

    Posted by Lynette Rambo on 01/04/17

    Nike's HyperAdapt 1.0 self-lacing sneaker hit select stores this past Holiday season and sold for $720 a pair! It's hard to find this shoe, which has made some online sellers turn a nice profit with markups in the thousands of dollars.

    The HyperAdapt 1.0 is the first adaptive sneaker that is self-lacing and self-fitting. According to Nike, the shoe automatically adjusts to the wearer's foot and can be adjusted by pressing plus and minus buttons on the sides. The shoe is the first mass produced self-tying sneaker.

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    Powder Dispensing and Sensing Apparatus

    Posted by David Bonneau on 12/15/16


    Powder dispensing and sensing apparatus and methods
    US 8803009 B2

    Several years ago, Enginasion was called upon to develop the electronics and software controls for a Powder Dispenser System for inhaled insulin (Patent US 8803009 B2). We frequently partner with companies who need solutions to an engineering challenge they are facing. Enginasion currently holds 14 patents. Here is a summary of the Powder Dispenser System.

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    Smart City or Surveillance City?

    Posted by David Bonneau on 06/15/16

    “Smart City or Surveillance City?”

    asks Sophie Quinton in her feature for The Pew Charitable Trusts’ Stateline this past April. That’s undoubtedly a question many city dwellers will be asking as their leaders add the enhanced technology that will classify them as “smart.”

    What exactly is a “smart city?"According to Quinton, there is no clear definition, but many cities are claiming the title by integrating information technology into city services at some level. Cities that boast the title are leading with technological innovation to improve infrastructure, safety, public services, and the overall life and wellbeing of their citizens.

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